What to Expect

Sundays at FBC Corvallis are all about creating a place where people can encounter God. That’s our goal. We pray and work so that in our service people leave having spent time in the presence of God.

You can expect a friendly welcome from friendly people. You will find seniors, adults, families, young marrieds, college students, youth, and children. You’ll find a family. Not perfect. Not everyone is put together. We won’t all look the same but we are unified and present, looking to encounter Jesus, and to connect and encourage one another.

We offer Sunday Bible Classes from 9:00 – 10:00 am with classes for adults, youth, and children.

The Worship Gathering begins at 10:30 and ends at 11:45.

The worship is a mix of some of the older hymns of the faith and more contemporary hymns and praise songs. It’s a mix. Why? Because we love older people, younger people, and more than both, we love God and singing songs we connect with helps us to experience His presence together. One of our goals is to get as many generations involved in leading the worship service as we can so you will see a diversity of people serving the congregation. It’s not a performance; it is a place to meet God.