Small Groups

Below is a list of Current Small Group and a brief description of their activities and focus

Senior men's Bible Study

This small group is focused on elderly men with the youngest member currently at 84 years of age. This group is focused on going through the Bible and finding application in their current situation. It opens and closes in prayer and all participation is on a voluntary basis.

If interested please contact Ron Dell using the button below


10:00 AM-11:00 AM Dan Reed's House

Men's Bible Study and breakfast (optional)

This Bible Study focuses on older men opening with prayer leading into a 30-40 minute discussion on verses. This is more analysis driven with the goal of the group is to understand the intent of the verses, how they were understood at the time of their writing, and modern day application. The study will end with a time of sharing of praises, requests, current situations, struggles, and so on. Study is done on a chapter by chapter basis.

After the study there is an optional breakfast with the goal of building comradery. Location varies.

If interested please contact Jay Todd using the button below.


7:00Am-8:00AM First Baptist Church

Women's Bible Study

This study is aimed at women and is focused more on conversation. Join us as we grow with a video-based lesson series and discussion on how the passage applies to life. They usually end our time praying for each other.

If interested please contact Joy Tinsley using the button below.


9:00AM-11:15AM Mary Powelson's House

Adult Coed Bible Study

This Bible study rotates between houses and includes an icebreaker, devotional, prayer, and dessert. The group also likes to share a meal together every two months or so.

If interested please contact Carole Wille using the button below


7:00 PM -9:00PM Biweekly between Carole Wille's and Nancy Kelly's houses

Online Adults Group

This is an group that meets online using the Bluejeans app. Currently this group is in Luke and likes to begin with a bit of chatting, but spends most of the time studying the passage. It ends in prayer requests and pray for each other and the church.

If interested please contact Mark Johnson using the button below.


7:30 PM-8:45PM