Our Story

Thanks for checking into our story. It goes way back. In fact, the congregation of FBC Corvallis began gathering to worship, connect in fellowship, and help others know Jesus in 1851. That’s older than Oregon State University. It’s older than Oregon as a state!

History of FBC

It’s a history that has shaped us and we know continues to form our story today. It humbles us to remember that many generations came before us. Members of this church were following Jesus during the American Civil War, Emancipation, WWI, the “Roaring 20’s”, the Great Depression, WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, “The 60’s”, Vietnam, Korea, the Cold War, with services recorded on tapes, VHS, broadcast on radio, and now downloaded from the internet… every president from Millard Fillmore onward has been prayed for by people gathering at FBC Corvallis.

This church was born out of a pioneer spirit sanctified by the Holy Spirit, by people who valued sacrifice, service, generosity, and faithfulness. These were people living for Jesus and loving the people of Corvallis and its neighbors with a heart for the nations. That’s not only our past; it’s our present and future too.

FBC Story Booklet

This book was written as a historical overview of the ministry and happenings in the first 120 years of our local church. It instructs and inspires us to see the Holy Spirit’s work of provision and redemption through ordinarily extraordinary people here in Corvallis, Oregon.

FBC Documents

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