4.2.21 Again to Holy Week

Fbccorvallis   -  

Brothers and sisters,

Again we turn to Holy Week…

The Lord ties us:

to the seasons of the earth &

to the seasons of the church;

the growing darkness of Fall &

the hope of Immanuel on Christmas,

the cold & dark Winter &

the dark reality of our sin on Good Friday,

the new life of Spring &

the joy of the resurrection on Easter!

Each year many things change &  each year many things stay the same.

This year is no different; 
we are in a Pandemic &we still worship God, who is on His throne, we are in a church transition &we still meet (in person and virtually) to rejoice and study God’s word together, we are making plans and budgets for the coming ministry year &we are taking intentional action to improve how our church functions!
As we look back at the year that was and forward to the year to come, it is appropriate that we center our perspective on the cross.  The cross asks:

  • Who do you trust?
  • How is the Lord drawing you into a deeper relationship with Him?
  • What should FBC hold on to, what expectations should we release?
  • How can this past year of division be turned to a coming year of unity?

Join us for our Good Friday service (this Friday at 7pm) and Easter morning (this Sunday at 10:30am).  Also on Zoom, information below.

Your brothers and servants,

Daniel for the elders

P.s. Our meeting minutes are continuously available and updated monthly here: Link